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Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

The Phillips Academy prepares its students for the future by ensuring that the following educational goals, which we affectionately refer to as ESLRs, or the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results, are integrated into students' daily learning. Students participate in a variety of activities in order to develop the skills necessary to be:

  • Interpersonally Effective: Consider the needs of and work well with others, develop positive relationships;
  • Competent Self Managers: Set goals, make plans and make good choices for yourself;
  • Active Community Members: Contribute to, participate in and respect your community;
  • Critical Thinkers: Think before you act, evaluate information and the source of the information; tell the difference between fact and opinion;
  • Life Long Learners: Ask questions, use research skills and technology to seek new information, develop new skills.

All of our learning activities are guided by these goals to ensure that our students will have the values and skills to lead happy, productive lives. For more information, please see the article on the ESLRs, which describes how we developed them and what we do to help students achieve them.

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