The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) Visiting Team made the following comments about our staff:

  • "Highly qualified staff who provide extensive support to students."
  • "Warm, supportive therapeutic environment with staff who have formed trusting relationships with students."
  • "Executive Director who maintains an “open door” policy and by whom all staff, parents, and students feel supported."


  • Dr. Esther Cohen - Interim Executive Director
  • Allan Chatman - Principal
  • Alex Woodward - Assistant Principal
  • Joanna Wong - Business Manager
  • Martin Godfrey-  Facilities and IT Manager 
  • Alison Montalban - Office Manager 
Middle School Teachers/ Teacher Assistants
  • Room 101: Samantha Willis/ Ashley-Faye Tagulao
  • Room 102: Alex Woodward/ Christina Alvarado/ Amy Ratto
High School Teachers/ Teacher Assistants
  • Room 104 / 105:  Steve Calarco/ Natalya KapustinaLalia Domingo
  • Room 201:  James Hearn/ Atum Crockett/ Nancy Axelson/ Betsy Devitt
  • Room 202:  Shia Smith / Liliana Garcia Martinez
  • Room 203:  Dan Zarchy/ Da Hao Ruan/ Sarah Cobb
Mental Health Therapists: 
  • Angelina Avalon -MFT/ Associate Therapist
  • Abigail Stone - MFT/ Therapist
  • Lakia Wolfarth-Davis - MFT/ Associate Therapist 
  • Melissa Southwood - AMFT/Therapist
Student Support Staff:
  • Cobi Chu - Lunch Support
  • Ron Lucas - Dean of Student Affairs 
  • Lela Lynch-Collins - Student Support Specialist and Activities Coordinator
  • Dajana Tobias - Student 1-to-1  Support
  • Niqui Hill - Vocational Instructor and Community Liaison 
  • Betsy Devitt - Behavior Specialist
  • Liz Isono - Occupational Therapist
  • Kati Skulski - Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Judith Lunger – Speech and Language Pathologist
  • Deborah McCloskey - Speech and Language Pathologist and Assistive Technology Specialist
  • MaryAnn Pearson- Head of Learning Services and Reading Specialist