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The Phillips Academy is one of the founding members of the Bay Area Non Public Schools Sports League. Our sports and physical education program provides students with productive and interactive opportunities to improve self-esteem, social interactions, sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership skills in a safe and comfortable environment.  Sports practiced and played include basketball, flag football, softball, and soccer, all of which help our students experience the challenges and joys of participating in teams. Every student can join a team of their choice with the only requirement being the demonstration of good sportsmanship. All games and practices occur within the school day.

Athletic and Physical Education Program offered to 6-12th grade students:


​Fall Season

  • Soccer (coed)

  • Flag football  (coed)                                       


Winter Season

  • Basketball (coed)


Spring Season   

  • Softball (coed)


The Phillips Academy regularly competes with other non-public schools. Throughout the year, students participate in games and tournaments. Parents also join in the fun as they cheer for the home team! 

Physical Education

Students who choose to do the regular PE program​ may participate in a variety of physical activities and may choose the walking group for their PE class.

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